Hier zijn we trots op

In Den Haag heeft ImproBattle een zomerweek verzorgd. Een van de ouders die aanwezig was tijdens de eindpresentaties heeft daarover een blog geschreven. Wij zijn trots op wat er in deze groep gebeurt. Dit is waar we voor staan!

Learning inclusion from my teenagers

Simple as it sounds, my teenage’ kids have helped me in the last months to go the extra miles necessary to be more aware and with more sensitivity towards inclusion.

And this is something we witness first-hand a few nights ago when we went to the final activity of the summer improvisation workshop that they were enrolled in.

They were in a truly diverse and inclusive group where expressions of gender fluidity, non-binary, trans, people with this-ability, different origins, cultures, religions, and social spectrum were present.

It was, from my perspective, astonishing in a positive way to see how naturally the kids were able to be part of such a true expression of the richness that diversity brings to our lives. The creativity flew by tons, the laughs and camaraderie among this diverse group were a refreshing moment for my journey.

Lees het artikel hier verder: https://pierogandini.com/blog/47/learning-inclusion-from-my-teenagers